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About CombeToons

Karen French – artist/designer 

A self-taught artist Karen has always loved cartooning which is evident in her quirky design style. Australian born & previously working as a geologist, she has been influenced by the many forms of art seen on her adventures around the world, from urban murals to tribal bark paintings. However, now based in North Devon, it is the dramatic coastline that is a great source of inspiration. Her original work - including lino-cut prints & unique homewares - is displayed locally in Ilfracombe & is also available online. Commissions are welcome!


Sandy Warhgull - a gullie with an eye for Art!

Strangely it was an encounter with a cheeky seagull on a blustery Spring morning that marked the beginning of CombeToons! I sketched him braving the fresh gusting breeze, then later carved his image in lino to create the iconic Sandy Warhgull, a gullie with an eye for Art! He has had a recent revamp to reflect my love cartooning and design!

It all began after encountering a very c
Sandy Warhgull copyright.jpg
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